Marine Reserve boat tour

The joy of remote islands and the unique marine life

Explore the UNESCO marine reserve ‘Los Chinijos’ islands by boat. Equipped with binoculars and our knowledgeable guide, we head off from North Lanzarote. Observe the uninhabited islands of Alegranza & Montaña Clara, landing in La Graciosa for lunch. Read what others have said

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After being collected from your accommodation in Lanzarote, we head to the Orzola ferry port in the North. Our boat journey to the first island takes around 1 hour. After circling and observing Alegranza, we head past the second island (Montaña Clara). We disembark at La Graciosa after around 3 hours, and enjoy a relaxing hour on the beach followed by a short walk into town. Canarian Lunch is included in the trip before heading back to Lanzarote.

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Los Chinijos’ is made up of six islands – Lanzarote, Montaña Clara, Alegranza, La Graciosa, Roque del Este and Roque del Oeste. Since 1986 the islands of this archipelago have been part of a natural park. The Parque Natural del Archipiélago Chinijo, covers a total of 91.12 km2. Much of this area is uninhabited by human life. These are important protected sites for thriving flora & fauna along with a variety of bird and ocean life.

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The uninhabited islands are a paradise for birdwatchers: Ospreys and Egyptian vultures are both residents. During certain seasons we also see the graceful Eleanora’s Falcons which arrive from Madagascar to nest. Dolphins, whales and sea turtles are also common in this area. We do not disembark on the uninhabited islands, ensuring that our presence is not felt by nature. Conservation and education are our number one priority.

Prices: 85€

Duration: Full day
Difficulty level: Easy
What’s included: Return transfers, boat tour and full tapas lunch
What to bring: Light jacket, sun hat & protection, water, closed in walking shoes & beachwear.
Transport: We pick you up from your Lanzarote accommodation. (not including Playa Blanca)

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are staying in Playa Blanca you will have to make your own way to Orzola ferry port.

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Special note to our marine explorers

We recommend guests to bring a salty snack for this tour. As we are at sea for a minimum of 3 hours, sun protection/hat and a light weatherproof jacket are essential. We hope to spot some beautiful local wildlife both in the skies and the ocean so we recommend that you have your camera at the ready! Guests who wish to take part in the walk and stretch their legs after the boat will require closed in shoes. Some may enjoy an hour of sunbathing too!

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Our 3 island marine reserve tour starts from the North Lanzarote port of Orzola. This area is the largest marine reserve in Europe. It takes just under 1 hour to reach our first destination, the Punta Delgada lighthouse in Alegranza. This was designated a historic monument in 2002. Close to the lighthouse is a small house, where scientists stay at certain times of the year to monitor the various bird species inhabiting the island all year round. Here we have the opportunity to observe Ospreys, Egyptian vultures, Eleanora’s Falcons among others. In March this area also becomes home to the world’s second largest nesting colony of Cory’s Shearwater, 11,000 pairs!

Surrounded by birds around the boat, resting in the water and flying beside us we have the chance to view these unique islands which have been home to nature for many thousands of years. We have the chance to leave the modern world chaos behind and remain, ‘in the moment’ as we sail past the second uninhabited island – Montaña Clara

Our main objective is to protect, creating more awareness for the conservation of the marine reserve. For this reason we never set foot on the smaller islands, thus we do not interfere with the natural world. After passing Montaña Clara, we soon land on the gorgeous island of La Graciosa (Spanish word for graceful). Unlike the other islands of the Chinijo archipelago, there is a small population of around 500 residents here. The calm waters of El Rio (the river) divide La Graciosa from Lanzarote. Our beach walk leads us along this coastline to enjoy the views of ‘El Risco’ (another protected area of Lanzarote – see our Botanical cliff hike).

Take a rest and sit in the sunshine or head straight to the village. Either way, we gather together for a traditional Tapas style Canarian lunch and a glass of wine before boarding our ferry home. This is the perfect day for those who wish to look back at the Canary Islands and see untouched innocence.