Hello 2018! Starting the new year is always a time for reflection. What happened in 2017? Firstly we changed our whole image from Lanzarote Active Club to an official eco tour company – eco-insider tours

eco tour..

We’re pioneers of eco tours in Lanzarote and we’ve felt content with our new image to match. Our friends and followers have welcomed the change too which is always a great feeling. Furthermore, we’re pleased with the consolidation of the new brand. Not only visually, but above all in the sense that we’ve moved to pastures green.

Haría in flower, north of Lanzarote

Guided walking tours, 10 years on..

We,ve changed during our 10 years of guided walking tours in Lanzarote. The island has changed. Our customers have changed too. People have more awareness for their impact on their surroundings these days.

Lanzarote Active Club

Lanzarote Active Club est. 2007

When we started out in 2007, we were passionate about exploring new paths, showing Lanzarote off like proud parents. Taking guests on guided walks to visually nice areas in Lanzarote. This was our priority, but there’s another added level now.

eco tour lanzarote

Walking into 2018 – eco tours

The eco-insider philosophy which we organically developed over time, was to build in an education for our clients. Sharing our knowledge about the history of Lanzarote. The islands challenges when facing modern civilisation, and the wrath of mother nature. 

Lanzarote is like a stereogram. You might think you’re looking at one thing, but your mind will see another level once the background information is given to support your view. This is the moment we can form a responsible choice in our actions each time we step into the territory. With eco-insider we want to help our clients to piece that puzzle together. It’s an effortless aim, because we are working with vast amounts of raw, natural beauty. Our playground gives us a great platform to work from!

Lanzarote’s best..

We’ve had bundles of fun along the way. One of the recurring names that becomes attached to our tours is Ramona. We recently asked our guides to tell us what their favourite memories are of 2017. Time after time the answer was, “Walking with Ramona” . For those of you who don’t know Ramona, she is in fact a beautiful dog who lives in the North Lanzarote Haria area.

Ramona Lanzarote..

Each week Ramona hears the distinctive sound of the Land Rover Jeep pass by her front door. She runs from her front door to join our meeting point. Each week more people fall in love with the young, free spirit of Ramona!

Guided walks with Ramona Lanzarote

Guided walks with Julio & Ramona Lanzarote

Our number 1 mascot loves to share our lunches and often takes over as the lead guide on our Mount Corona guided walk. This loveable canine is probably the most famous pooch in Lanzarote, so much so that she even has her own hashtag on social media #RamonaLanzarote try it, you will find her!

eco tour lanzarote - guided walks and tours lanzarote

Group Walk in Lanzarote with Martina & Ramona

Lanzarote 2018..

On that note there’s nothing left to say, other than Merry Christmas & Happy New Year of course!. Thank you to all of our supporters and friends. Thanks also to our amazing team of guides and experts in Geology, Volcanology and Lanzarote herself. Combining knowledge with fun and energy. Thank you Adolfo, Julio, Martina, Ed, Steph and Emma.

We’re very happy to be entering into our 2nd year as eco-insiders and we’re looking forward to sharing more journeys with our Lanzarote walking groups in 2018.

Have a great holiday season!

Carmen’s extra thoughts..

Attention to conservation and sustainability has to be paid even in areas you may not expect. Like the Lanzarote Wine Tours for example. Money and greed can deroute a good idea. Kill the uniqueness. Upset the balance and sustainability of the territory. Our tours could be bigger, but would that be right? To convince everybody around us that this is the way Lanzarote is intended to be seen, so that we can draw in more business. That’s not an ethical approach for us. Our only weapon against this type of mass tourism is information. This way we can still explore, respect and protect, all at the same time. 

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