A walking holiday in Lanzarote offers the chance to discover a volcanic wonderland. Our island has a wealth of natural richness unlike anywhere else in Europe. Lanzarote is a well known destination for striking volcanic cones and beautiful sandy beaches. In addition, those in search of the pleasures that walking can bring are also well catered for.

Expert Led Guided Walks..

We understand that every walk needs to be fun, relaxing and inspiring. With smaller group sizes we discover Lanzarote at it’s best. Off the beaten track is where we get our kicks. Perfect walking holidays are created by walkers and enthusiasts. Our tours are also conducted by walkers and experts within their field.

During our steady paced guided walks, we enjoy the beautiful scenery of the island. Lanzarote offers dramatic volcanic scenery, geology, fauna & flora. In addition there is a strong link between nature and local history. Lanzarote culture and ways of life have been sculpted over time** by the force of nature.

Family Affair..

The eco-insider is a local family run company. We pride ourselves on offering a personal approach to our guided walks. furthermore we offer an attention to detail that is second to none. We conduct our walks in small friendly groups of no more than 8 people per guide. Providing our guests with the best possible experience.

We also support other local small business projects. For example, all lunches on our guided walking tours were designed and created by Cantina Teguise. Local business owner Zoe Buchanan made an extra effort to ensure that we used locally sourced produce for our healthy lunches, provided during each walking tour.

Eat local. Eco-insider Guided Walking Tours, lunches designed by Cantina Teguise Lanzarote.

Lunches designed by Cantina Teguise

Low Impact..

We’ve kept our business small to control the impact of our activities. In such a fragile environment, a small group means less impact on the surroundings. We explore paths leading from palm groves, to vineyards. Volcanic heights to white-washed villages with mountain vistas. All of this is done without leaving a trace as we pass by.

Guided Walking Holiday..

Including the most dramatic views in Lanzarote on each of our walks is a priority. This gives our groups the best experience possible. Comfy sensible shoes are a must on any good walking holiday. A good camera is equally important for an eco-insider guided hike in Lanzarote!

On our Botanical cliff hike we climb from Famara to the highest point on Lanzarote. From ‘Peñas del Chache’ we follow the mountain paths 671 meters above sea level. Our journey takes us through a tiny forest and down through the Haria ‘Valley of a Thousand Palms’. The views on this trip in particular are as dramatic as they are varied.

Guided walks in Lanzarote Hike, botanical cliff Lanzarote

Wine Tours Lanzarote..

Our guided walking holidays are only part of the story. The Canary Islands are very famous for home grown wine too. In the 16th century “Canary wine”, made from the Malvasia grape was favoured by European royalty. It soon became so popular that it provided the islands with most of their income. William Shakespeare supposedly began to accept wine barrels from the Canary Islands as payment for his work. There is evidence of this when in Henry IV, a lady of the night is chastised for drinking “too much Canaries”. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Learn more about Lanzarote wine and taste the very best on our Lanzarote Wine Tasting Tour..

See you on an eco-insider tour sometime soon!

Happy New Year from the whole team

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**Link to Cesar Manrique Lanzarote by Wikipedia