So you’ve found your perfect tipple from the Lanzarote Wine region. There are tricks to preserving the wine once opened, so that you can get the most from the bottle. We are often asked the question..

“How long does the wine hold on to its freshness once open?” 

The production process can play a key role which is why we offer premium wine recommendations on our Lanzarote wine tasting tours. If you have opened a bottle of wine on a special occasion to toast with family and friends, then you will probably see the bottom of the bottle very quickly! Those of us who pop the cork and then decide a single glass is enough, (rare but possible!) Will we want to empty the remains into it the sink? Criminal behaviour! Here are our recommendations to help extend the life of your wine once the cork has been removed.

Preserving White Wine – Rule Of Thumb

A good bottle of White or Rose wine can last in the fridge anywhere between two to four days. A helpful trick to preserving the wine for longer is to put the cork back in quickly after pouring yourself a glass. By Reducing the flow of oxygen, you also reduce the oxidation of wine. Remember that refrigeration slows the oxidation process too, therefore keeping the wine in the fridge is essential for preserving.

Preserving Red Wine – Rule Of Thumb

If your tipple is a bottle of red, the ideal is to take the bottle out of any cooler an hour before consuming it, This will ensure that the temperature of the wine is not below the recommended optimum. Furthermore, do not leave the bottle in the Lanzarote sunshine. Keep the bottle in a cool dark place. Once uncorked, keep the bottle upright. Finally, change the wine to a smaller bottle and re-cork if possible.

REMEMBER: Less oxygen = less oxidation for best preservation! Use a stopper with an oxygen extraction pump if you can

Take a sip

If it’s been a long time since you checked the wine and you are unsure, don’t just drink it anyway. Take a sip before you drink it. Other ways to spot whether the wine is good or not. If the wine has brightness, has no residue floating and does not smell of vinegar then it’s entirely possible that you can raise your glass once again!

Wine Tasting Tours in Lanzarote

The eco insider guided Lanzarote wine tours were first introduced back in 2007. What sets us apart from any other Wine tour in Lanzarote is that we have selected the best of the best, offering premium wines to taste from premium wineries. Each with a unique charm!

Occasionally we have the chance of meeting the winemakers and their families during their daily chores. In each bodega we will taste the best wines of the year complemented by small snacks. Throughout our Lanzarote wine tour we build up an appetite, ready to enjoy a full country kitchen lunch. Traditional Canarian dishes are prepared with love at one of our favourite family run eateries .

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