Lanzarote wine is just part of the story. The Canary Islands were once very famous for the home grown tipple. In the 16th century “Canary wine”, made from the Malvasia grape was favoured by European royalty. It soon became so popular that it provided the islands with most of their income. William Shakespeare supposedly began to accept wine barrels from the Canary Islands as payment for his work. There is evidence of this when in Henry IV, a lady of the night is chastised for drinking “too much Canaries”

Lanzarote gastro events

Today, local farmers are holding various cheese and wine tasting events throughout the year. The “wine run” is just around the corner in the month of June. Runners and walkers are invited to run, walk or maybe skip a half marathon through the Lanzarote wineries. During this event participants can stop for a taste from each Bodega too. Our approach to exploring La Geria is perhaps less chaotic and more informative. That said, events such as the wine run have elevated the popularity for the region in recent years.

eco-insider Wine Tasting

Our unique bodega hopping experience has been around for over 10 years (a proud milestone). This was one of our original tours when we first formed as ‘Lanzarote Active Club‘ back in 2007. The eco insider guided wine tasting tour takes visitors through the local vine growing area of La Geria. We offer visitors a one off opportunity to take a glimpse into this unique growing process. Our groups get a taste of wine production, with a historical twist. A walk through the vineyards allows us to see the rare landscape where vine cultivation has evolved since the surrounding volcanic eruptions took place in 1730.

Each winery has its own charm. Occasionally we have the chance of meeting the winemakers and their families during their daily chores. In each bodega we will taste the best wines of the year complemented by small snacks. We are sure to save our appetite for a full country kitchen lunch though. Traditional Canarian dishes are prepared with love by a local family who have been great friends to us over the years.

This excursion is highly educational with a deep insight into the fascinating world of Lanzarote wine production. The story behind the wine is very closely linked to the geological background of the island, helping to create a deeper understanding of this unique Canary Island and our local community.

Join one of our award winning tours – We are always eager to take you on a journey to explore more 🙂

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