Bird watching in Lanzarote

Bird watching in Lanzarote, 4x4 desert birding tour

This is a premier Lanzarote birdwatching excursion. Ideal for passionate birders and those with a keen interest in the natural environment. Exploring within a unique habitat, we are equipped with a reliable Landrover and several pairs of binoculars. Together we respectfully enter the protected Lanzarote desert area of Soo.Read what others have said

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Lanzarote Birdwatching trips begin with a morning meetup. The group will be no larger than 4 people, which allows us to respectfully explore the protected area. Bird watching experience is not necessary, although this is a very popular tour with birders. Children are always welcome, although we do recommend a minimum age of 10. We have spare binoculars for those who might need them and also a check list with the species we might encounter.
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Lanzarote birdwatching offers if not quantities, then definitely some very interesting bird species. Spring breeding season is when we have the chance to observe some impressive displays for example the Houbara Bustard dance. Migration is another exciting time, when we have the opportunity to spot a huge variation of migrating birds.
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Our main focus is to share this delightful habitat respectfully, without bothering the varied birdlife who live within it. Soo is home to the Houbara Bustard, Cream Coloured Courser and Stone Curlew. Heading into the heart of the desert we will encounter many surprises along the way. We often observe Lesser Short-Toed Larks, Trumpeter Finches, Hoopoes and occasionally a Kestrel, Barbary Falcon or the spectacular Egyptian Vulture.

Prices:  55€

Duration: Full morning 4hrs
Difficulty level: Easy
What’s included: Spare binoculars, Collins Bird Guide.
What to bring: Neutral colour clothing, water, a snack
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Special note for our Birding buddies:

Previous experience of birdwatching is not essential. This trip will be a memorable experience for avid twitchers and newcomers alike. Admire the unique landscapes and enjoy the jeep ride!

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We are proud to share this Lanzarote birdwatching eco insider tour with Lanzarote visitors. We specialise in Lanzarote birdwatching and environmental education, with a great passion for the conservation of Lanzarote’s impressive biodiversity. Our enthusiasm for birdlife and protected landscapes extends to our marine reserve boat excursion, where we explore the lesser known ‘Los Chinijos’ islands too.

During this tour we appreciate the Soo habitat and explore the heart of a Lanzarote birding paradise. Equipped with a reliable Landrover, several pairs of binoculars and a telescope we respectfully enter the desert. This unique habitat is home to the Houbara Bustard, Cream Coloured Courser and Stone Curlew to name but a few. We are likely to encounter many surprises along the way, often including Lesser Short-Toed Larks, Trumpeter Finches, Hoopoes. We occasionally see a Kestrel, Barbary Falcon or the spectacular Egyptian Vulture. It’s not uncommon to meet goat herds in Soo, often they are accompanied by numerous Cattle Egrets.

Absorb the serenity of Lanzarote’s picturesque wilderness during the insider Lanzarote birdwatching eco tour. Our excursion is led by a professional guide with extensive knowledge, so no question is too big to ask. Travel in a powerful 4×4 vehicle over off-road terrain and admire spectacular landscapes as you head towards the bird watching mecca of Lanzarote. Equipped with state-of-the-art binoculars and a telescope, scour the scenery for rare bird species. Gain fascinating insight into their behaviour along with the physiology of the birds. Discover more about some of the local endangered species, and conservation efforts which are taking place to secure a brighter future for generations to come.