Growing new shoots doesn’t mean goodbye to everything about Lanzarote Active Club. We will get back to this later though. For now it’s our pleasure to step out on the next leg of our journey, wearing our brand new proverbial walking shoes!

walking and hiking lanzarote

So what is different about an Eco Insider Tour, compared to a Lanzarote Active Club Tour? The answer is easy – Nothing. We didn’t feel that we needed to change our excursions. What we did feel, was an urge to change peoples perception of us. When it comes to searching for a company to book an excursion with in Lanzarote, there are plenty to choose from.

Since 2007 we have become increasingly interested in growing a sustainable approach to our tours. The only way to start making a difference to the fragile state of our planet, is to take responsibility. We can all take action in our day to day, but we can also make differences in other ways. Eco Insider Tours is our way of carrying this important ethos through to our work. We can share everything that we know with our visitors responsibly, maintaining the respect that the earth beneath our feet deserves.

Of course tourism has had a positive impact on Lanzarote over the years, but there is no doubt that it has taken its toll too. When we enter a natural location, it’s with respect and with minimal impact.

Ecotourism comes in all shapes and sizes. Our dedication is to ensure that an eco insider tour is both fun and informative. When the sun sets though, and when we all head back to our cosy homes – What impact did we have? The people in the local village we visited. The flora and fauna on the mountain we climbed. The local wildlife we stopped to take a photo of. Did our visit create a negative effect on these? Or did we leave these elements untouched by our visit?

By keeping our groups small and offering a bespoke service, we know that we can honour our promise to care for our surroundings. Our new eco insider image reflects all of this. We hope! Lets face it, life is always evolving and adapting. When we decided to change our business image, it was because we wanted to present the ways we’ve evolved since 2007.

Lanzarote Active Club

Lanzarote Active Club does still exist though. This side of our company is now dedicated to our island residents. We offer cultural gatherings, walks and excursions which will be shared via our open group Facebook page.

Whether you are reading about us for the first time, or whether you have been on a tour before and remember us as Lanzarote Active Club. Thank you for being a part of our journey. We are very excited about the future and we will continue growing.