Lanzarote Active Club encompassed all meanings of the English adjective – ‘Active’. According to the Cambridge dictionary this word can mean: “Being busy with an activity”. It also means “Being involved with a particular activity.” Furthermore, the word also refers to “An active Volcano, one that might erupt at any time.” Spot the link!

We are Active

As our company evolved from its humble beginnings back in 2007, we became more than a guided ramblers club. Offering guided walking tours around the island is a joy, it never feels like work to us. What we began to ask ourselves though is, What do we want to do next? In what ways can we be active in more ways. Also we want to help and protect our beloved Lanzarote. Hence the question, ‘Who are we now?’

We are eco responsible

Those who know us well understand that our company director is heavily involved in local conservation projects. Carmens pride and joy ‘Desert Watch Lanzarote‘. This is a voluntary project, created to protect the wildlife living within the Natural habitat of the Lanzarote Soo desert.

We are Insiders

Each member of our team has a unique level of knowledge and understanding about Lanzarote. We are extremely proud of our guides, past and present. Lanzarote is an ever changing transient island. There is a constant flow of people with brilliant minds and passion.

We have been extremely lucky to work with the best experts from many areas. Gaining knowledge, (always from the inside of each subject) whether we are learning about Volcanology, Geology, Lanzarote wine production, local culture, history, or local conservational issues.

We are eco-insiders

On our 10th anniversary in 2017 we re-named ourselves to eco-insider. We share our ‘insider’ knowledge, via expert guided Walking Tours, Geo Tours, Birdwatching, Wine Tasting, Remote islands and Desert Island Excursions.

Tourism itself will never be 100% sustainable, as every industry has an impact on the environment. The need for sustainable/responsible planning and management is imperative for the industry to survive as a whole though. Little by little, the eco-insider will be helping to support a bright future for responsible tours in Lanzarote.

Our Social Journey

Social Media – Another change since 2007! We’ve enjoyed sharing our journey as the new era for online connectivity has gone from strength to strength. We’re extremely proud to introduce our first ever ‘official’ eco-insider video on You Tube.

There was absolutely no question when it came to deciding on who to approach to make this video for us. We were introduced to Sibo by our good friend Simon Turkas.  The whole team instantly fell in love with his beautiful film work. The rest as they say, is history…

Thank you…

To everybody who has supported our journey from Lanzarote Active club to eco-insider, including new web design and branding by Clare at FCA Creative. We would also like to say a big thanks to Graham Ella from Vivid Photo Visual and Alas Cinematografia for kindly supplying extra film footage of the beautiful Southern Grey Shrike & Houbara Bustard. Finally, a very special thanks to Siboney Tabares King for his outstanding generosity, patience and care during the making of this film.

Nothing makes us more happy than gaining new friends 😉