We are living in strange times. Decisive yet deceptive, filled with opinion and conflicted ideas. Trump, Brexit, refugees or the rise of fascist parties all over the sphere. However these issues are occupying the news or our minds, they are minor compared to real problems we are facing globally. Issues which are unavoidably coming our way and with increasing speed. Problems that our children will definitely be affected by.

The way we live is no longer sustainable, yet we are constantly offered smoke screens to deflect attention from real issues.

green not greed

Money First..

It’s obvious now that the “Money First” dynamics so many past generations have lived by, are not working for us in the long run. We just need to pay attention to what the scientists say to know this.


With all the evidences we have, with all the warnings, how can it be that we are still behaving like nothing is happening?

The majority of people are still waiting for “the government to do something about it”. How did that work for us until now? The governments only change something if there is a pressure either by the big money holders in the world, or by the people on mass.

The average person living like you and I is relatively comfortable though. Most are too busy chasing after the mirage that the big money holders offer them. This caused the mess in the first place.

Greenwash 2019

All this unease about consuming the way we do has created another marketing opportunity: People tend to buy with less guilt if the product is labelled eco, green, organic or sustainable. Marketing goals have involved the creation and use of buzz words, many of which offer the consumer a way to feel better about consuming.

Sustainable tourism lanzarote

Sustainable or Greenwashing

Big tour operators, responsible for the most aggressive type of tourism are now competing with seals of sustainability. All inclusive hotels are boasting eco practices on their brochures. Furthermore, multinational companies are claiming environmental responsibility, as if that would be possible. Many companies are giving their image a lick of green paint to sell more tours or book more rooms.

This is called Greenwashing. It feeds on our culture that focuses only on the form and disregards the content. But there is hope…

The Awakening..

There are people, groups of people in fact, all over the world waking up and refusing to participate in this facade. They realise that the only way to slow down the nosedive, is to do all we can to restore the balance we lost. In addition, aiming to try and find sustainable solutions for all the actions we are about to undertake.

There are many people fighting for the conservation of wildlife, for ethical treatment of domestic animals, for policies protecting the needy. The way to do this is with real actions, not words. There are unseen battles and small victories all around us everyday.

organic farming Lanzarote canary islands

Leading by example..

We regularly come across shining examples of individuals who do their bit to help. Buy local

  • The local farmer who plants organically, out of respect for the land that belonged to his forefathers. He respects the wildlife and the health of the people around him.
  • The greengrocer who sells the farmers products even though it is not the most efficient earning margin for her. She knows this farmer personally. She understands his ethics and because she knows it is right, she is willing to earn less to support him.
  • The neighbours that shop in the greengrocer store because they trust her philosophy. Even if the products are more expensive they know they have been carefully selected and that there is a reason for the price

The chain keeps getting longer. In many different scopes, within many different communities. Clusters of sustainable cohabitation are forming. One doesn´t need to be an environmental warrior to participate on the change. The only thing we need to do is decide.

Decide not continue with this wilful ignorance. Decide not to trust everything that is written or promoted.

Question Everything..

We need to educate ourselves on how the things really work and we need to start around us. Ask questions, visit, educate yourselves. If a company says that it contributes to environment, ask how? How much? How often? With what results? The best are generally the local companies because you can often see for yourselves. Ask the employees. Ask the ones who supposedly benefited. Question everything!

Think twice where you spend your money! The change is about all ethics, about respect. Don´t accept the dehumanisation that is taking place all around you. Support enthusiastically every manifestation of decency that you encounter. See with your own eyes and when you do, share it. The digital age we live in has to be harnessed. Knowledge really is power.

Stop Greenwashing - start Sustainable living

Take the pressure off

It’s important to add that it is impossible to be 100% sustainable in the world that we are living in. All we can do is our best. Thinking about our consuming habits, supporting those that are doing it right. Demanding a world that is more respectful towards the environment, to animals (domestic or wild) and people.

We may just help to create a base, which will support us when we get to the inevitable phase which is about to come.

Most important of all..Don’t be Greenwashed.

Eco Insider Goals..

In Lanzarote it’s very easy to find the local business and ask the questions we need to. Talk to the local farmer, grocer, wine maker, restaurant owner. The list goes on.

Our promise to each and every person who joins an eco-insider tour, is to support the people we have conversations with. We will pass our knowledge on to anybody who wants to ask the questions. So if you have a question for us right now, drop us a line: info@eco-insider.com and Follow us via social media #EcoInsider 

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